From Artificial Intelligence Series

Artificial Intelligence at MIT, 2-vol. set

Expanding Frontiers

Edited by Patrick Henry Winston and Sarah A. Shellard




This collection of over 40 milestone contributions presents the latest state-of-the art research emerging from one of the worlds foremost centers for Artificial Intelligence. The topics range from immediately applicable, demonstrated advances to theoretical proposals. They include robotics, vision, natural language, learning and commonsense problem solving, model-based reasoning systems, engineering problem solving, programmer's apprentice, mixed symbolic and numerical computation, ultraconcurrent systems, and basic theory. Each new area is introduced and linked together with an overview by Patrick Winston.

ContributorsHarold Abelson, Gul Agha, Chae H. An, Christopher G. Atkeson, David J. Bennett, Robert C. Berwick, David Brock, Rodney A. Brooks, William J. Dally, Randall Davis, Bonnie J. Dorr, Brian Eberman, Michael Eisenberg, Sandiway Fong, W. Eric L. Grimson, Matthew Halfont, Walter C. Hamscher, Carl Hewitt, Jessica Hodgins, John M. Hollerbach, Berthold K. P. Horn, Joseph L. Jones, Boris Katz, Jacob Katzenelson, Christof Koch, Tomas Lozano-Pérez, Michael Levin, Matthew T. Mason, Emmanuel Mazer, David A. McAllester, Marvin Minsky, Patrick A. O'Donnell, Tomaso Poggio, Marc H. Raibert, Sajit Rao, David J. Reinkensmeyer, Charles Rich, Elisha Sacks, Kenneth Salisbury, Warren P. Seering, Neil C. Singer, Gerald J. Sussman, Russell H. Taylor, Vincent Torre, William Townsend, Shimon Ullman, Karl T. Ulrich, Richard C. Waters, E. J. Weldon Jr., Brian Williams, Linda Wills, Patrick H. Winston, Jack Wisdom, and Kenneth Yip

Artificial Intelligence at MIT is included in the Artificial Intelligence Series, edited by Michael Brady, Daniel Bobrow, and Randall Davis.


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262231541 1330 pp. | 6.3 in x 9.2 in


Patrick Henry Winston

Patrick Henry Winston (1943–2019) was Ford Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at MIT.

Sarah A. Shellard

Sarah A. Shellard is an editorial assistant at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.