From Scientific and Engineering Computation

The Characteristics of Parallel Algorithms

Edited by Robert J. Douglass, Dennis B. Gannon and Leah H. Jamieson




Although there has been a tremendous growth of interest in parallel architecture and parallel processing in recent years, comparatively little work has been done on the problem of characterizing parallelism in programs and algorithms. This book, a collection of original papers, specifically addresses that topic. The editors and two dozen other contributors have produced a work that cuts across numerical analysis, artificial intelligence, and database management, speaking to questions that lie at the heart of current research in these and many other fields of knowledge: How much commonality in algorithm structure is there across problem domains? What attributes of algorithms are the most important in dictating the structure of a parallel algorithm? How can algorithms be matched with languages and architectures? Their book provides an important starting place for a comprehensive taxonomy of parallel algorithms.

The Characteristics of Parallel Algorithms is included in the Scientific Computation Series, edited by Dennis Gannon.


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262100366 275 pp. | 7 in x 9 in


Robert J. Douglass

Robert Douglass head of Machine Intelligence and part of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Purdue University.

Dennis B. Gannon

Dennis B. Gannon is Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at Indiana University Bloomington.

Leah H. Jamieson

Leah H. Jamieson is a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Purdue University.