Communication Researchers and Policy-making

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Communication Researchers and Policy-making

Edited by Sandra Braman

A sourcebook on the multiple relationships between the communication research and policy making communities over the last hundred years.





A sourcebook on the multiple relationships between the communication research and policy making communities over the last hundred years.

As the global information infrastructure evolves, the field of communication has the opportunity to renew itself while addressing the urgent policy need for new ways of thinking and new data to think about. Communication Researchers and Policy-making examines diverse relationships between the communication research and policy communities over more than a century and the issues that arise out of those interactions. The book provides primary material in the form of reports on such relationships spanning time periods, subject matter, policy issues, decision-making venues, and governments. The essays range from historical pieces on the importance of communication research since the beginning of systematic policy analysis and on the various roles that researchers can play to contemporary analyses of contributions of research to policy debates over network design and access, media violence, and advertising fraud. Substantial interstitial essays by the editor explore the impact of the policy context on communication theories and research practices, relationships between researchers and their institutional homes, the role of communication researchers as public intellectuals, and ways to maximize the impact of communication research on policy-making during this period of infrastructural transformation. The book includes an extensive bibliography.


$47.00 X ISBN: 9780262523400 576 pp. | 6 in x 9 in 10 illus.


Sandra Braman

Sandra Braman is Abbott Professor of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University. She is the editor of Communication Researchers and Policy-Making (MIT Press, 2003).


  • Communications research has been deeply implicated in policy since its origins, although not always overtly. Braman provides conceptual frameworks that get us out of stale dichotomies and the fiction of politics-free academic research. Her compilation of otherwise dispersed analyses and arguments brings out of the shadows a central relationship between the academy and policymaking, and provides much-needed historical depth. This sourcebook charts challenges for communications research to come, and will be an essential resource for both scholars and professionals.

    Patricia Aufderheide

    American University, and author of Communications Policy in the Public Interest and The Daily Planet

  • Communication Researchers and Policy-making offers a rich and kaleidoscopic showcase of ways in which communications researchers can contribute to pressing telecommunications policy issues. In assembling this volume, Sandra Braman has sounded a call for the field to reinvigorate its goals and methods to suit a breathtaking set of cross-disciplinary challenges.

    Jonathan Zittrain

    Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School