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Conventional Forces and American Defense Policy, Revised Edition

An International Security Reader

Edited by Steven E. Miller and Sean M. Lynn-Jones




These fourteen essays analyze several major areas of American conventional defense: the new administration's defense policy the state of the NATO Warsaw Pact conventional balance, the effectiveness of NATO's conventional strategy and problems associated with projecting military power in the Third World. Over half of the chapters in this edition are new, and two others have been extensively revised and updated.

ContributorsBarry R. Posen, John Mearsheimer, Malcolm Chalmers, Lutz Unterseher, Eliot A. Cohen, John W. R. Lepingwell, Joshua Epstein, Richard K. Betts, Samuel P. Huntington, Robert D. Blackwill, and Jack Snyder


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Steven E. Miller

Steven E. Miller is director of the International Security Program at the Belfer Center.

Sean M. Lynn-Jones

Sean M. Lynn-Jones is Editor of International Security, the International Security Program's quarterly journal. He is also series editor of the Belfer Center Studies in International Security, the Program's book series that is published by MIT Press.