Economics of Global Business

Economics of Global Business

By Rodrigo Zeidan

A textbook with innovative real-world macroeconomic analyses of timely policy issues, with case studies and examples from more than fifty countries.
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A textbook with innovative real-world macroeconomic analyses of timely policy issues, with case studies and examples from more than fifty countries.

This timely and refreshingly real–world focused textbook examines some of the world's most critical policy issues through a macroeconomics lens. After presenting analytical foundations, modeling tools, and theoretical perspectives, Economics of Global Business goes a step further than most other texts, with a practical look at the local and multinational tradeoffs facing economic policymakers in more than fifty countries. Topics range from income equality and the financial crisis to GDP, inflation and unemployment, and, notably, one of the first macroeconomic examinations of climate change. Written by a globetrotting economist who teaches and consults on three continents, Economics of Global Business aims not for definitive answers but rather to provide a better understanding of the context-dependent rationales, constraints, and consequences of economic policy decisions. 

The book covers long-run and short-run growth (with examples from the United States, China, the European Union, South Korea, Japan, Latin America, Africa, Australia, and Vietnam); financial crises and central banks; monetary and fiscal policies; government budgets; currency regimes; climate change and macroeconomics; income inequality; and globalization. All chapters rely on recent and historical examples of economic policy in action. The book is particularly suitable for use as an introduction to macroeconomics for business students.

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$65.00 X ISBN: 9780262535625 424 pp. | 7 in x 9 in 176 figures


  • This book does an excellent job in examining complex issues of the global economy through a simple analytical framework, in a clear and engaging style. It is impressive how much insight Zeidan can extract from plain supply/demand graphs! The real-world examples throughout the book highlight the complexities of the issues and bring life to the analysis. I highly recommend this text to business students and to professionals who seek a rationale for the global economy.

    Cristina Terra

    Professor of Economics, ESSEC Business School

  • Economics of Global Business focuses on the pragmatic aspects of policy making. This is a bold and novel approach to economics, a refreshing take on what can be an arid subject. Readers will encounter many examples from all over the world, and the book incorporates all the main issues of our time, such as climate change, the great financial crisis, and income inequality.

    Otaviano Canuto

    Executive Director, Executive Board of Directors of the World Bank Group and its Affiliates

  • International economics is usually a thorny subject. Not here. Zeidan is able to bring clarity to the dismal science. Economics of Global Business unearths a treasure trove of information on the design and implementation of macroeconomic policy. It is the rare book that can be read by the layperson, the professional politician, and the business student looking for real knowledge on the nuts and bolts of policy making. Those seeking validation to long-held beliefs, for example that the eurozone and fiscal consolidation are always good, will leave disappointed. The costs and benefits of policy choices are made explicit and there are no easy ways out. As it should be.

    Michele Geraci

    Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Economic Development, Italian Government