Intelligent Multimedia Information Retrieval

From American Association for Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Multimedia Information Retrieval

Edited by Mark T. Maybury

Foreword by Karen Sparck Jones

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Foreword by Karen Spärck Jones Intelligent multimedia information retrieval lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence, information retrieval, human-computer interaction, and multimedia computing. Its systems enable users to create, process, summarize, present, interact with, and organize information within and across different media such as text, speech, graphics, imagery, and video. These systems go beyond traditional hypermedia and hypertext environments to analyze and generate media, and support intelligent interaction with or via multiple media. The chapters of this volume, which grew out of the 1995 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence Workshop on Intelligent Multimedia Information Retrieval, span a broad range of topics. The book is organized into seven sections: Content-Based Retrieval of Imagery, Content-Based Retrieval of Graphics and Audio, Content-Based Retrieval of Video, Speech and Language Processing for Video Retrieval, Architectures and Tools, Intelligent Hypermedia Retrieval, and Empirical Evaluations.

ContributorsRobert Adams, Phillipe Aigrain, Jonathan Ashley, Thom Blum, Shih-Fu Chang, Mei C. Chuah, W. Bruce Croft, Byron Dom, Ann Doubleday, Florence Dubois, Josef Fink, Myron Flickner, Jonathan Foote, Brian Frew, Monika Gorkani, Morgan Green, James Griffioen, Jon Alte Gulla, Jim Hafner, Qian Hang, Matt Hare, Alexander G. Hauptman, Stacie Hibino, Helmut Horacek, David House, Takafumi Inoue, Philippe Joly, Gareth Jones, Karen Spärck Jones, Douglas Keislaer, Stephen Kerpedjiev, Alfred Kobsa, Denis Lee, Véronique Longueville, Chien Yong Low, R. Manmatha, Inderjeet Mani, Mark T. Maybury, Bernard Mérialdo, Adrian Müller, Wayne Niblac, Andreas Nill, Alex Pentland, Dragutin Petkovic, Steven F. Roth, Neil C. Rowe, Elke A. Rundensteiner, Harpreet Sawhney, John R. Smith, Stephen W. Smoliar, David Steele, Adelheit Stein, Oliviero Stock, Carlo Strapparava, Alistair Sutcliffe, Atshushi Takeshita, Kazuo Tanaka, Ulrich Thiel, Michele Ryan, Julita Vassileva, James Wheaton, Michael J. Witbrock, Erling Wold, JianHua Wu, Peter Yanker, Rajendra Yavatkar, Steven J. Young, Massimo Zancanaro, HongJiang Zhang


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Mark T. Maybury

Mark Maybury is Executive Director of the Information Technology Division at the MITRE Corporation.


Karen Sparck Jones.