Logic Primer, Third Edition

Logic Primer, Third Edition

By Colin Allen and Michael Hand

The new edition of a comprehensive and rigorous but concise introduction to symbolic logic.
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The new edition of a comprehensive and rigorous but concise introduction to symbolic logic.

Logic Primer offers a comprehensive and rigorous introduction to symbolic logic, providing concise definitions of key concepts, illustrative examples, and exercises. After presenting the definitions of validity and soundness, the book goes on to introduce a formal language, proof theory, and formal semantics for sentential logic (chapters 1–3) and for first-order predicate logic (chapters 4–6) with identity (chapter 7). For this third edition, the material has been reorganized from four chapters into seven, increasing the modularity of the text and enabling teachers to choose alternative paths through the book. New exercises have been added, and all exercises are now arranged to support students moving from easier to harder problems.

Its spare and elegant treatment makes Logic Primer unique among textbooks. It presents the material with minimal chattiness, allowing students to proceed more directly from topic to topic and leaving instructors free to cover the subject matter in the way that best suits their students. The book includes more than thirty exercise sets, with answers to many of them provided in an appendix. The book's website allows students to enter and check proofs, truth tables, and other exercises interactively.


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  • “I have long been a huge fan of Logic Primer, so it's very exciting to see it being released in a third edition. This edition retains the elegant and intuitive system developed by the authors in previous editions but introduces and presents the material in a more modularized structure, thereby making an already superb textbook more adaptable to different instructional preferences. I can't wait to use this in my classes!”

    Amy Kind

    Professor of Philosophy, Claremont McKenna

  • “I am very pleased to see that Logic Primer is coming out in a third edition. I have used the previous editions to great effect in turning my classes into learning communities of careful readers. My students and I have appreciated Logic Primer's clear, direct, and intelligibly sequenced presentation of material.”

    William Robinson

    Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Iowa State University

  • “Superb. Logic Primer includes all and only the most essential material, presented with clarity and precision. The changes introduced in the third edition make an excellent book even better.”

    Torin Alter

    Professor of Philosophy, University of Alabama