Master of Voice

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Master of Voice

Edited by Lisette Smits

A collection that looks at the role and use of the nonhuman voice in art.

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A collection that looks at the role and use of the nonhuman voice in art.

The (non)human voice has always been part of modern art, notably within performance art, sound art, and conceptual art. The Master of Voice graduate program mutates from this history, examining the voice as a unique "discipline." The focus is on the (non) human voice, as a means to an end or an end in itself, within artistic practice. A special orientation of the Master of Voice curriculum, codeveloped with a team of artists with a longstanding interest in the (non)human voice, is the voice in relation to technology and gender. This book captures a two-year-long period of research—of thinking, talking, sharing, learning, making, acting, and creating by students and teachers, artists, and other practitioners—to find possible answers and approaches to the question of the voice and its prominent role in our postindustrial society.


Tyler Coburn, Angelo Custódio, Thom Driver, Paul Elliman, Amelia Groom, Miyuki Inoue, Danae Io, Jamila Johnson-Small, Bin Koh, Snejanka Mihaylova, Maria Montesi, MPA, Natasha Papadopoulou, Duncan Robertson, Marnie Slater, Lisette Smits, Eva Šusová, Cécile Tafanelli, Mavi Veloso, Geo Wyeth


$19.95 T ISBN: 9783956795145 344 pp. | 5.375 in x 8 in 127 b&w illus.

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Lisette Smits

Lisette Smits is a freelance curator, editor, and educator based in the Netherlands.