New Forces in the World Economy

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New Forces in the World Economy

Edited by Brad Roberts




Two factors have brought the world economy to the center of the international political arena: first, the end of the Cold War and the increasing importance of economic factors relative to strategic ones in the foreign policies of the major powers; and, second, the emergence of a rapidly expanding and genuinely global economy that is defined not only by trade but also by investment and the diffusion of advanced technologies and expertise. This collection of 24 articles from The Washington Quarterly examines the features of the new world economic order, beginning with a review of the changing structure of the world economy (including articles on trade, investment, finance, and competitiveness), then turning to a review of the policy debate (with articles on major international institutions, prominent bilateral relationships, and the role of the private sector).

ContributorsKenneth Berlin, Richard E. Bissell, Delia M. Boylan, Daniel F. Burton, Hernando de Soto, Thomas J. Duesterberg, Richard E. Feinberg, James R. Golden, Maurice R. Greenberg, Penelope Hartland- Thunberg, Ryuzaburo Kaku, Ethan B. Kapstein, Amy Kaslow, Joseph LaPalombara, Jeffrey M. Lang, Derek Leebaert, Erik R. Peterson, Ernest H. Preeg, Donald R. Sherk, W. R. Smyser, John D. Sullivan, Heizo Takenaka, Raymond Vernon, Murray Weidenbaum, John Yochelson.

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Brad Roberts

Brad Roberts is a Research Fellow in International Security Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.