Nuclear Diplomacy and Crisis Management

From International Security Readers

Nuclear Diplomacy and Crisis Management

Edited by Sean M. Lynn-Jones, Steven E. Miller and Stephen Van Evera




These essays from the journal International Security examine the effects of the nuclear revolution on the international system and the role nuclear threats have played in international crises. The authors offer important new interpretations of the role of nuclear weapons in preventing a third world war, of the uses of atomic superiority, and of the effectiveness of nuclear threats.

ContributorsJohn Mueller, Robert Jervis, Richard K. Betts, Marc Trachtenberg, Roger Digman, Scott D. Sagan, Gordon Chang, H. W. Brands, Jr., Barry Blechman and Douglas Hart


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Sean M. Lynn-Jones

Sean M. Lynn-Jones is Editor of International Security, the International Security Program's quarterly journal. He is also series editor of the Belfer Center Studies in International Security, the Program's book series that is published by MIT Press.

Steven E. Miller

Steven E. Miller is director of the International Security Program at the Belfer Center.

Stephen Van Evera

Stephen Van Evera is Ford International Professor in the MIT Political Science Department.