Proceedings of the First International Conference on Multiagent Systems

From American Association for Artificial Intelligence

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Multiagent Systems

Edited by Les Gasser and Victor Lesser

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June 12-14, 1995, San Francisco

The first international conference on multiagent systems is organized as a joint effort of the North American Distributed Artificial Intelligence community, the Japanese Multiagent and Cooperative Computing community, and the European Modeling Autonomous Agents in a Multiagent World community, with support from AAAI and sanctioned by ECCAI. The Proceedings cover a broad spectrum of perspectives including artificial life, communications issues, and negotiation strategies.

Topics cover: • Agent Architectures • Artificial Life (from a multiagent perspective) • Believable Agents • Cooperation, Coordination, and Conflict • Communcation Issues • Conceptual and Theoretical Foundations of Multiagent Systems • Development and Engineering Methodologies • Distributed Artificial Intelligence • Distributed Consensus and Algorithms for Multiagent Interaction • Distributed Search • Evaluation of Multiagent Systems • Integrated Testbeds and Development Environments • Intelligent Agents in Enterprise Integration Systems and Similar Types of Applications • Learning and Adaptation in Multiagent Systems • Multiagent Cooperative Reasoning from Distributed Heterogeneous Databases • Multiagent Planning and Planning for Multiagent Worlds • Negotiation Strategies (in both competitive and cooperative situations) • Organization, Organizational Knowledge, and Organization Self-Design • Practical Applications of Multiagent Systems (enterprises, robotics, sensing, manufacturing) • Resource Allocation in Multiagent Systems • Social Structures and their Signfiicance in Multiagent Systems • User Interface Issues for Multiagent Systems.

Distributed for AAAI Press


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Les Gasser

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