Regional Development and Planning

From Harvard-MIT Joint Center for Urban Studies Series

Regional Development and Planning

A Reader

Edited by John Friedmann and William Alonso




Writings on regional development and planning are widely scattered in social science literature and government publications. This volume makes available for the first time in one place, and in an orderly and logical manner, the major contributions to regional growth theory and planning.

The volume considers the basic question of national policy for regional economic development. To this end, a large number of topics are considered, including: location theory, theory of spatial organization, the role of resources and migration in regional development, problems of peripheral rural areas, the definition of regions, the concept of planning regions, objectives and measures of regional development, regional investment criteria, and institutional aspects of regional development planning. An introduction summarizes the basic concepts in the field and focuses attention on the major policy questions. Shorter introductions relate individual contributions to each other and to the major issues they illuminate. A comprehensive annotated bibliography of nearly 200 titles is included.

Intended for students of economic development, economic geography, regional science, and city and regional planning; for practitioners in these fields; and for foreign aid officials.


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John Friedmann

William Alonso