Regional Policy

From Harvard-MIT Joint Center for Urban Studies Series

Regional Policy

Readings in Theory and Applications

Edited by John Friedmann and William Alonso




Revised edition of Regional Development and Planning: A ReaderSince 1964, when Regional Development and Planning: A Reader was first published, the book has become established as perhaps the most useful collection of source material in its field, and it has served as the basis of numerous courses in regional studies and economic development. Encouraged by this reception, its editors have prepared this revised edition, meant to replace the earlier work.The editors have searched the literature with care and selected those contributions that will give the student a firm understanding of the fundamentals and the recent developments of the subject, broadly defined.The first four parts of the book present readings on the concepts of space and development (broken down into sections on location and spatial structure, spatial systems in economic development, and growth in subnational regions), the role of cities in national development, issues in regional planning. Part V consists of a bibliographical essay detailing the progress of a decade in regional development planning.


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John Friedmann

William Alonso