Motor drives using solid-state power control elements though still in their early stages of development are progressing at a rapid pace. The next twenty-year period will see the electric automobile with thyristor speed control, the vast expansion of urban transportation using dc motor drive and thyristor-controlled electric trains, heavy on and off-highway vehicles of all types using gas turbines of air-conditioners, refrigerators, and other home appliances using solid-state controlled motors of all kinds.

The purpose of this book is to bring together the technology of solid-state dc drives for the reader who wants to understand the principles, to specify and purchase drives, or to design his own drives. The principles used in the drives which will run the new machinery and appliances of the future will not differ from those described in this book, even though the packaging and ratings used in manufacturing may change.

This is not a design text; design material is available in manufacturer's manuals. The material of the book stems from the author's consulting and teaching experience and from previously published papers. References for each chapter are furnished for those readers who wish to pursue the subject in each chapter in greater detail.

The Table of Contents includes the following main chapters: 1. Drive Applications • 2. DC Motor Characteristics • 3. Rectifier Operation • 4. Single-Phase Drives • 5. Three-Phase Drives • 6. Series Universal Motor Drives • 7. DC-DC Drives • 8. Specification of Drives • 9. Control Equipment

This volume is the first in a new MIT Press series titled Monographs in Modern Electrical Technology of which Alexander Kusko, Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, M.I.T., and head of a firm of consulting engineers, will be the General Editor.


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