Strategies in Architectural Thinking




The authors of these original essays - emerging architectural and cultural critics and practitioners - are engaged in the act of writing back at architecture, heralding the prospect of new conditions, possibilities, and purposes of practice. Tying their work together is the idea that architecture and architectural thinking are inextricably cultural in construction and effect. The essayists suggest that the once supposed autonomy of architecture is an illusion, at best a suspect quality, at worst a mask on a series of transactions and false stabilities that architecture ensures in a culture. Each writer depicts certain operations of power in architecture, aiming the line of a text against it or threading the written line through architecture.

EssaysArchitecture Gender Philosophy, Ann Bergren • Minor Architectural Possibilities, Jennifer Bloomer • Intimacy and Spectacle, Beatriz Colomina • Inscribing the Subject of Modernism: The Posthumanist Theory of Ludwig Hilbersiemer, Michael Hays • The Burdens of Linearity, Catherine Ingraham • Forms of Irrationality, Jeffrey Kipnis • Spatial Narratives, Mark Rakatansky • Frank Lloyd Wright at the Midway, Robert Segrest • Do You See What I Mean? John Whiteman • Translations of Architecture: The Production of Babel, Mark Wigley • Body Troubles, Robert McAnulty • Architectural Theory is No Disciplines, Mark Linder • "Being and Nothinness," Doug Graf


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Richard Burdett

Richard Burdett is Director of Publications at the Chicago Institute for Architecture.

Jeffrey Kipnis

Jeffrey Kipnis is a Professor of Architectural Design and Theory at The Ohio State University.

John Whiteman

John Whiteman is the Director of the Chicago Institute for Architecture and Urbanism.