Terrorism and America

From Belfer Center Studies in International Security

Terrorism and America

A Commonsense Strategy for a Democratic Society

By Philip B. Heymann

An evenhanded look at how democracies can fight terrorism while maintaining a healthy society.





An evenhanded look at how democracies can fight terrorism while maintaining a healthy society.

The bombings of the World Trade Center and the Oklahoma City federal building have shown that terrorist attacks can happen anywhere in the United States. Around the globe, massacres, hijackings, and bombings of airliners are frequent reminders of the threat of terrorism. The use of poison gas in the Tokyo subway has raised the specter of even more horrible forms of terror—including the use of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. In this book, Philip Heymann argues that the United States and other democracies can fight terrorism while preserving liberty and maintaining a healthy, unified society. Drawing on his experience in the US Departments of State and Justice, he shows how domestic and foreign intelligence-gathering can thwart terrorism, how the United States must cooperate and share information with its allies, and how terrorism can be prevented in many cases. Terrorism will never disappear completely, but the policies Heymann offers can limit the harm to Americans and protect the integrity of US governmental processes.


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  • A useful contribution to the growing body of work on terrorism.

    Ronald Payne

    Times Literary Supplement


  • In an area burdened with cliches this book is a breeze of sanity and wisdom... It is must reading for every person concerned with coping with terrorism in a democratic society.

    Professor Ariel Merari

    Head of the Political Violence Unit, Tel Aviv University and founder and former commander of Israel's Hostage Negotiations and Crisis Management Team