Trade, Tariffs, and Growth

Trade, Tariffs, and Growth

Essays in International Economics

By Jagdish N. Bhagwati




Professor Bhagwati has brought together here his most important theoretical writings on international economics. A major contribution to the pure theory of international trade—his Economic Journal survey of the subject—is reprinted and provided with an addendum which brings it up to date. In addition there are papers on propositions relating to gains from trade, and papers on tariffs, quotas and subsidies, which cover both 'positive' and welfare aspects of trade theory. Reprinted here are his well-known papers on immiserizing growth, including a recent generalization, and on the theory of optimal policy intervention under domestic distortions. Four important essays on growth and development round out the volume. The fifteen essays reprinted in this collection comprise all the most original contributions and surveys which have established Professor Bhagwati as a leading theorist of international trade. The wide range of topics covered makes the whole book invaluable to all students of international economics.


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