We Are Here, But Is It Now?

From Sternberg Press / The Contemporary Condition

We Are Here, But Is It Now?

(The Submarine Horizons of Contemporaneity)

By Raqs Media Collective

Distributed for Sternberg Press




It is said that we know more about far-away galaxies than we do about the bottom of the oceans on earth. One could say something similar about our relationship to the future and to the contemporary. The distant future can seem more familiar than the deep present. We know it will come, regardless of whether or not we are around to witness it. Searching for the present is a bit like deep sea diving. How to dive without drowning in the turbulent waters of now? How to find and share sources of illumination in submarine darkness? When to surface and how to ride a strong current? Why stay afloat on the present moment at all? And what to look for while beachcombing the sea-floor of our time? These are some of the questions that Raqs Media Collective address in their account of contemporaneity, guided by a motley collection of figures lost and found in the turbulence of their practice.

The Contemporary Condition series edited by Geoff Cox and Jacob Lund, Volume 05Copublished with Aarhus University and ARoS Art Museum


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