Wittgenstein and the Moral Life

From Representation and Mind series

Wittgenstein and the Moral Life

Essays in Honor of Cora Diamond

Edited by Alice Crary

A Bradford Book





Cora Diamond has played a leading role in the reception and elaboration of Wittgenstein's philosophy. Diamond's contribution to Wittgenstein scholarship is distinguished by her striking and widely discussed suggestions about continuity between Wittgenstein's early and later writings. Her work in ethics, in important respects shaped by her study of Wittgenstein, has been similarly influential. The essays in this volume, by a number of distinguished philosophers, including Stanley Cavell, James Conant, John McDowell, Hilary Putnam, and Martha Nussbaum, explore groundbreaking interpretations of Wittgenstein's philosophy and attempt to demonstrate its significance for ethics, using Diamond's writings on these topics as a springboard and inspiration.

The book begins with essays that address Diamond's work on Wittgenstein, defending and further developing her work both on the Tractatus and on Wittgenstein's later thought. Additional essays take up Diamond's writings on moral philosophy, examining her concept of "the difficulty of reality," her view that literature as such presents us with rational moral instruction, and her work on animals and ethics.


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Alice Crary

Alice Crary is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research and author of Beyond Moral Judgment.


  • In her many papers on Wittgenstein, Cora Diamond has proved to be one of his most original and influential interpreters, revealing, with clarity and precision, what a truly radical thinker he was. Less directly but just as importantly, the way his influence shows in her own thought, especially her work on the many facets of the moral life has shown her to be one of the most probing, fertile, and independent-minded thinkers to have learned from him. The distinguished philosophers Alice Crary has assembled in this fine book pay fitting tribute to one of the world's most important living philosophers.

    Raimond Gaita

    Professor of Moral Philosophy, King's College London