Carla J. Shatz

Carla J. Shatz is the director of the Bio-X program at Stanford University School of Medicine.

  • Development of the Visual System, Volume 3

    Proceedings of the Retina Research Foundation Symposia

    Carla J. Shatz and Dominic Man-Kit Lam

    Development of the Visual System presents a selection of current studies that clearly illustrate principles of visual system development. These range from retinal development in fish and frogs to the effects of abnormal visual experience on the primary visual cortex of the cat. The book is unique in addressing four specific and fundamental aspects of development: cell lineage and cell fate, specificity and targeting of axons, specification of visual cortex, and correlates of the critical period. Encompassing technical advances in cellular and molecular biology and in video imaging and microscopy, contributions in each of these areas provide new information at the cellular and molecular levels to complement the now classic descriptions of visual development previously available at the level of neural systems.

    ContributorsKaren L. Allendoerfer, David M. Altshuler, Antonella Antonini, Seymour Benzer, Edward M. Callaway, Constance L. Cepko, Hollis T. Cline, Max S. Cynader, N. W. Daw, Scott E. Fraser, K. Fox, Eckhard Friauf, Anirvan Ghosh, R. W. Guillery, William A. Harris, Christine E. Holt, Lawrence C. Katz, Susan McConnell, Pamela A. Raymond, Thomas A. Reh, Carla J. Shatz, Michael P. Stryker, Claudia A. 0. Stuermer, Mriganka Sur, David L. Turner, T. N. Wiesel

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