Charles J. Petrie, Jr.

Charles J. Petrie, Jr., is Senior Member of Technical Staff at MCC in Austin, Texas.

  • Enterprise Integration Modeling

    Enterprise Integration Modeling

    Proceedings of the First International Conference

    Charles J. Petrie, Jr.

    The goal of enterprise integration is the development of computer-based tools that facilitate coordination of work and information flow across organizational boundaries. These proceedings, the first on EI modeling technologies, provide a synthesis of the technical issues involved; describe the various approaches and where they overlap, complement, or conflict with each other; and identify problems and gaps in the current technologies that point to new research. The leading edge of a movement that began with computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), EI now seeks to engage the development of computer-based tools to control not only manufacturing but the allied areas of materials supply, accounting, and inventory control. EI technology is pushing forward research in areas such as distributed AI, concurrent engineering, task coordination, human-computer interaction, and distributed planning and scheduling. These proceedings provide the first common technical ground for comparing, evaluating, or coordinating these efforts.

    Topics include: Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Open System Architecture Standards. The results of five workshops on EI modeling topics: Model Integration, Model/Application Namespace, Heterogeneous Execution Environments, Metrics and Methodologies, and Coordination Process Models.

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