Garth M. Bray

Medicine. Garth M. Bray is Professor in the Centre for Research in Neuroscience at McGill University.

  • Regeneration and Plasticity in the Mammalian Visual System, Volume 4

    Regeneration and Plasticity in the Mammalian Visual System, Volume 4

    Proceedings of the Retina Research Foundation Symposia

    Dominic Man-Kit Lam and Garth M. Bray

    This fourth volume in the Retina Research Foundation Symposia Proceedings highlights several of the strategies and experimental paradigms that are currently used to exploit and amplify the regenerative capacity of the adult mammalian visual system, and reviews the exciting advances being made in understanding the molecular basis of central nervous system regeneration. Because loss of neurons or interruptions of their connective pathways in the mammalian visual system can, in contrast to certain amphibians and fish, lead to permanent loss of vision, studies of regeneration and plasticity in this system serve as valuable models for the reconstitution of other parts of the nervous system and as potential approaches to the diverse disorders that lead to visual loss.

    Partial Contents and ContributorsI. Introduction, Harold J. Sheedo, James E. Turner • II. Cells and Molecules that Influence Neuronal Survival, Susan 0. Meakin, Eric M. Shooter, Garth M. Bray, Lamberto Maffei it al. • III. Molecular Mechanisms of Axonal Regeneration, Louis F. Reichardt, Greg E. Lemke, Randall N. Pittman, Susan Spencer, Mark B. Willard, et al. • IV. Retinal Responses to Injury and Transplantation, Kwok Fai So, Raymond D. Lund, Harold J. Sheedlo, Manuel P. delCerro et al. • V. Plasticity of Connectivity in the Visual System, Edward G. Jones, Douglas 0. Frost, Torsten N. Wiesel, Albert J. Aquayo, et al.

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