Giuliana Bruno

Giuliana Bruno is Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University. She is the author of Atlas of Emotion: Journeys in Art, Architecture, and Film, winner of the 2004 Kraszna-Krausz award for "the world's best book on the moving image," and Streetwalking on a Ruined Map, winner of the 1993 Kovacs prize for best book in film studies.

  • Public Intimacy

    Public Intimacy

    Architecture and the Visual Arts

    Giuliana Bruno

    An examination of architecture and art as a screen of vital cultural memory that considers museum culture, visual technology, and the border of public and private space.

    In this thoughtful collection of essays on the relationship of architecture and the arts, Giuliana Bruno addresses the crucial role that architecture plays in the production of art and the making of public intimacy. As art melts into spatial construction and architecture mobilizes artistic vision, Bruno argues, a new moving space—a screen of vital cultural memory—has come to shape our visual culture. Taking on the central topic of museum culture, Bruno leads the reader on a series of architectural promenades from modernity to our times. Through these "museum walks," she demonstrates how artistic collection has become a culture of recollection, and examines the public space of the pavilion as reinvented in the moving-image art installation of Turner Prize nominees Jane and Louise Wilson. Investigating the intersection of science and art, Bruno looks at our cultural obsession with techniques of imaging and its effect on the privacy of bodies and space. She finds in the work of artist Rebecca Horn a notable combination of the artistic and the scientific that creates an architecture of public intimacy. Considering the role of architecture in contemporary art that refashions our "lived space"—and the work of contemporary artists including Rachel Whiteread, Mona Hatoum, and Guillermo Kuitca—Bruno argues that architecture is used to define the frame of memory, the border of public and private space, and the permeability of exterior and interior space. Architecture, Bruno contends, is not merely a matter of space, but an art of time.

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  • Shona Illingworth

    Shona Illingworth

    Topologies of Air

    Anthony Downey

    Research-led practices in the arts can develop legal frameworks for understanding the future of digital technologies and their relationship to airspace.

    This volume presents visual and textual material relating to two major bodies of work by Shona Illingworth, Lesions in the Landscape and Topologies of Air. Examining how we map and experience landscapes and airspace in conceptual, geopolitical, neuropsychological, and ecological terms, the book investigates how research-led practices in the arts can develop legal frameworks for understanding the future of digital technologies and their relationship to airspace.

    Exploring the impact of individual and societal amnesia on the cultural, historical, and construction of landscape and place, Lesions in the Landscape investigates the complex interaction between memory and forgetting. Generating aesthetic and critical discourses about the dynamics of spatial politics, cultural erasure, and our capacity to imagine the future, this ongoing investigation began with a survey of the depopulated island of St. Kilda, a remote archipelago located forty miles west of the Outer Hebrides. Topologies of Air encompasses the Airspace Tribunal, a pioneering research project that investigates the past, present, and future potential in regulating airspace. Contributors develop interdisciplinary forms of research to explore the potential for legal, political, and clinical debates to engage with the contested and contestable subject of airspace. Drawing upon innovative interactions between art practice and interdisciplinary dialogues, across the field of the moving image, sound, digital technologies, and archive materials, the project is designed to further the creative development of human rights as a living instrument.

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