John P. Craven

  • Ocean Engineering Systems

    John P. Craven, T. Gray Curtis, John R. Mittleman, and James M. Patell

    The oceans—covering 71% of the earth's surface—offer a source for raw materials, foodstuffs, energy, more effective defense, and potential sites for urban development. We recognized the pressing demands for food and living space, the need to halt depletion of our natural resources and the pollution of these needs may be met by new developments in marine technology.

    The Ocean Engineering Series is derived from the curriculum development program undertaken at M.I.T. as a part of the National Sea Grant Program. This program seeks to support research and development, education and training, and advisory services that will enhance the nation's efforts to develop and effectively utilize marine resources.

    This most recent addition to the series illustrates thirty-six real or possible ocean systems, which will permit students to choose from an array of alternatives for future study: fisheries, desalination; extraction and recovery of minerals and oil; containerized, air, and bulk transportation; international aid; urban renewal; disaster relief; pollution control; harbor and coastline protection; weather forecast and control; recreation; assault; deployment; antisubmarine warfare; strategic deterrence; intelligence collections; search and rescue; and arms control inspection. While this list is not all-inclusive, it provides an example of the spectrum of human purposes for which major sea systems have been built or contemplated.

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