Marco Ajmone Marsan

Marco Ajmone Marsan is affiliated with Politecnico and Universita di Torino in Italy.

  • Performance Models of Microprocessor Systems

    Marco Ajmone Marsan, Gianfranco Balbo, and Gianni Conte

    While there are several studies of computer systems modeling and performance evaluation where models of multiprocessor systems can be found as examples of applications of general modeling techniques, this is the first to focus entirely on the problem of modeling and performance evaluation of multiprocessor systems using analytical methods. Increasingly sophisticated and fast-moving technologies require models that can estimate the performance of a computer system without having actually to build and test it, models that can help designers make the correct architectural choices. The area of distributed computer architectures, or multiprocessor systems, has numerous such choices and can greatly benefit from an extensive use of performance evaluation techniques in the system design stage. The multiprocessor features that are studied here focus on contention for physical system resources, such as shared devices and interconnection networks. A brief overview covers the modeling of other important system characteristics, such as failures of components and synchronizations at the software level.

    ContentsStochastic Processes • Queuing Models • Stochastic Petri Nets • Multiprocessor Architectures • Analysis of Crossbar Multiprocessor Architecture • Single Bus Multiprocessors with External Common Memory • Multiple Bus Multiprocessors with External Common Memory • Single Bus Multiprocessors with Distributed Common Memory • Multiple Bus Multiprocessors with Distributed Common Memory

    Performance Models of Multiprocessor Systems is included in The MIT Press Series in Computer Systems, edited by Herb Schwetman.

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