Peter W. Kalivas

Peter W. Kalivas is Professor of Neuroscience at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

  • Intrusive Thinking

    Intrusive Thinking

    From Molecules to Free Will

    Peter W. Kalivas and Martin P. Paulus

    An exploration of the neurological and behavioral mechanisms and processes involved in intrusive thinking.

    On any given day, unintended, recurrent thoughts intrude on our thinking and affect our behavior in ways that can be adaptive. Such thoughts, however, become intrusive and problematic when they are unwanted, become compulsive, or lead to socially or medically unacceptable behavior. This volume explores what goes on in our brains to create thought intrusions, and how these intrusions lead to maladaptive behavior.

    Intrusive thoughts feature prominently in most psychiatric disorders, so understanding the neurological and behavioral processes underlying them is an urgent endeavor. To investigate these issues, contributors from a range of disciplines—including neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, and pharmacology—consider the mechanisms involved in intrusive thoughts under normal and abnormal conditions. They analyze how decision making becomes corrupted to create uncontrollable intrusions, explore the implications for concepts of free will and individual responsibility, and suggest avenues for future research.


    Michael C. Anderson, Adam Aron, David Badre, Bernard W. T.Balleine, Marie Banich, Anya K. Bershad, Antonello Bonci, Michael B. Bonsall, Katheen T. Brady, Judson Brewer, Michael R. Bruchas, David M. Buss, Aurelio Cortese, Hugo D. Critchley, Damiaan Denys, Harriet de Wit, Lisa Espinosa, John R. Fedota, Shelly B. Flagel, Aikaterina Fotopoulou, Sophia Frangou, Karl Friston, Rita Z. Goldstein, Shannon L. Gourley, Suzanne N. Haber, Colleen A. Hanlon, Andreas Heinz, Emily A. Holmes, Quentin J. M, Huys, Peter W. Kalivas, Laura Kress, Hakwan Lau, Kayuet Liu, Tiago V. Maia, Lisa M. McTeague, Amy L. Milton, Marie Hélène Monfils, Martin P. Paulus, Paul E. M. Phillips, Marina R. Picciotto, Trevor W. Robbins, Angels C. Roberts, Daniela Schiller, Daniela, Florian Schlagenhauf, Jonathan W. Schooler, Jens V. Schwarzbach, Jeremy K. Seamans, Laura Singh, Eliot A. Stein, Peter Tse, Renée M. Visser, Martin Voss

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  • Computational Psychiatry

    Computational Psychiatry

    New Perspectives on Mental Illness

    A. David Redish and Joshua A. Gordon

    Psychiatrists and neuroscientists discuss the potential of computational approaches to address problems in psychiatry including diagnosis, treatment, and integration with neurobiology.

    Modern psychiatry is at a crossroads, as it attempts to balance neurological analysis with psychological assessment. Computational neuroscience offers a new lens through which to view such thorny issues as diagnosis, treatment, and integration with neurobiology. In this volume, psychiatrists and theoretical and computational neuroscientists consider the potential of computational approaches to psychiatric issues.

    This unique collaboration yields surprising results, innovative synergies, and novel open questions. The contributors consider mechanisms of psychiatric disorders, the use of computation and imaging to model psychiatric disorders, ways that computation can inform psychiatric nosology, and specific applications of the computational approach.

    Contributors Susanne E. Ahmari, Huda Akil, Deanna M. Barch, Matthew Botvinick, Michael Breakspear, Cameron S. Carter, Matthew V. Chafee, Sophie Denève, Daniel Durstewitz, Michael B. First, Shelly B. Flagel, Michael J. Frank, Karl J. Friston, Joshua A. Gordon, Katia M. Harlé, Crane Huang, Quentin J. M. Huys, Peter W. Kalivas, John H. Krystal, Zeb Kurth-Nelson, Angus W. MacDonald III, Tiago V. Maia, Robert C. Malenka, Sanjay J. Mathew, Christoph Mathys, P. Read Montague, Rosalyn Moran, Theoden I. Netoff, Yael Niv, John P. O'Doherty, Wolfgang M. Pauli, Martin P. Paulus, Frederike Petzschner, Daniel S. Pine, A. David Redish, Kerry Ressler, Katharina Schmack, Jordan W. Smoller, Klaas Enno Stephan, Anita Thapar, Heike Tost, Nelson Totah, Jennifer L. Zick

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