Pierre Guillet de Monthoux

Pierre Guillet de Monthoux directs the Stockholm School of Economics Art Initiative where he is Professor at its Center for Arts, Business, and Culture. He has held professorships in general management at Stockholm University, Sweden, and in philosophy and management at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. He is docent at Åbo Akademi, Finland, and currently teaches at Artem Nancy in France.

  • Curating Capitalism

    Curating Capitalism

    How Art Impacts Business, Management, and Economy

    Pierre Guillet de Monthoux

    How art and the artist inspire business: an examination of the origins of this relationship from Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol.

    Curation has evolved into much more than just creating interesting exhibitions, promoting artists, and selling artwork. Art worlds have fused with business worlds and transformed capitalism from the inside out. “Curating capitalism” implies new ways of management that go far beyond the simple commercialization of art and artist. Today art and the artist inspire business.

    Curating Capitalism traces this relationship back to German artist Joseph Beuys's declaration that Art = Capital as well as to American artist Andy Warhol's vision of a capitalistic Business Art. The book draws from the insights of internationally renowned contemporary curators, artists, critics, and philosophers to articulate these ideas.

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  • Economic Ekphrasis

    Economic Ekphrasis

    Goldin+Senneby and Art for Business Education

    Pierre Guillet de Monthoux and Erik Wikberg

    What happens when social scientists write about artworks: helping people blind to economic ideas see something for the first time.

    What happens when social scientists write about artworks? How does it affect the academic environment of a business school and how does it change the perception of art? Can it be used as a novel scientific method in business studies? This book investigates these matters by analyzing the Goldin+Senneby's retrospective exhibition Standard Length of a Miracle set up in Tensta konsthall and multiple other venues in Stockholm in the spring of 2016.

    While the use of ekphrases goes back to ancient times in our Western literary canon, it is new and unexplored territory for social scientists at business schools—to describe artworks for people who are blind to economic concepts and ideas, helping them see what they did not see before.

    Economic Ekphrasis: Goldin+Senneby and Art for Business Education is part of the SSE Art Initiative series Experiments in Art and Capitalism.


    Maria Lind, Marie-Louise Fendin, Örjan Sjöberg, Ismail Ertürk, Anastasia Seregina, Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Pamela Schultz Nybacka, Emma Stenström, Katie Kitamura, Clare Birchall, Brian Kuan Wood

    • Paperback $19.95