Justin Kehoe

Department Manager and Acquisitions Editor, Culture and Technology, Sound Studies and Computer Music

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Justin is interested in books in the areas of music, sound studies, internet and data studies, sociology of knowledge, media archaeology, material and knowledge infrastructures, distribution networks, and communication. He is looking for theoretically and historically grounded works at the intersection of culture and technology. He acquires titles for several series including Infrastructures, Distribution Matters, The Information Society, metaLAB projects, and Prisms: Humanities and War. Justin can be reached at jkehoe@mit.edu. His Twitter profile is @jkehoe1977.

Notable recent acquisitions:
Analog (Essential Knowledge) by Robert Hassan; Underground: The Secret Life of Videocassettes in Iran by Blake Atwood; Buy Now: How Amazon Branded Convenience and Normalized Monopoly by Emily West; Writers Under Surveillance: The FBI Files edited by JPat Brown, B. C. D. Lipton, and Michael Morisy; Idea Colliders: The Future of Science Museums by MIchael John Gorman; Born in Cambridge: 400 Years of Ideas and Innovators by Karen Weintraub and Michael Kuchta; Technology of the Oppressed: Inequity and the Digital Mundane in Favelas of Brazil by David Nemer, The SuperCollider Book, second edition edited by Scott Wilson, David Cottle, and Nick Collin; The Secret Life of Data by Aram Sinnreich and Jesse Giilbert.